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Tuomas Nikkinen

Tuomas Nikkinen is a composer, producer, arranger and sound designer. He works on films, games and corporate music & audio branding, with wide genre range from Hollywood cinematic sound to electronic beats. He has also arranged in pop productions for artists such as Alma and Jenni Vartiainen.

Tuomas has studied film music composition and orchestration with Berklee College of Music, Sibelius Academy and University of Helsinki.

Recent work: Tuomas is currently working on the Renny Harlin / Wanda Pictures action thriller "Bodies at Rest" (2018), assisting composer Lasse Enersen.

Bodies At Rest

Recent work: Score for Gods of Molenbeek (2019), directed by Reetta Huhtanen. The opening film of DocPoint 2019 film festival won both Audience Award and Critic's Choice, for the best movie of the festival. It is also showing in other film festivals in 2019: Göteborg Film Festival (Sweden), Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Docville (Belgium), and Millennium (Belgium). The film is in theatres in Belgium and Germany during 2019. Gods of Molenbeek

Recent work: Score for Silta ("Bridge") documentary film (2018), aired from YLE TV1 (National Broadcasting Company). The musical score is available in all major music services, and playable below (the player takes a moment to start a track).

Premium music and audio production.


Composing and producing. Telling your story.



Arranging, scoring and producing orchestrated music.


Sound design

Sound logos and full sound worlds.



Premium music for movies, games and videos. Picture-synced to match the story.

Every great story comes with great emotion.

The right music creates the emotional responses needed to really feel the story. Designing music includes carefully choosing the genre, style, intensity and range of emotions - while considering plot changes and scene contour, and interaction with dialogue and sound effects. The right music supports the plot, but doesn't stick out - creating a unified story experience.

Game music is a special area of composition and production. Game music needs to adapt dynamically to the changes and moods of the game. With adaptive scoring and producing techniques, the game creators get the control of the mood and intensitof the music. The result for the player is like watching a carefully scored movie.

Composing services:
  • Composing
  • Adaptive game music
  • Music production with state of the art tools


Score excerpt

Orchestration is arranging music for a small orchestra - or a full symphony orchestra. Cinematic music or "film music" often includes orchestrated music, even when modern scoring sounds are also used. Orchestration deliverable is either the notated score and parts for players - and/or the actual playing music (mockup).

Below is orchestration demonstrated in 30 seconds: a very simple piano sketch of 15 seconds, orchestrated to full symphony orchestra with some cinematic salt.

Orchestration/arranging services:
  • Orchestration and notation
  • Producing realistic orchestral and hybrid music ("orchestral mockups")

Sound design

Solid sound design is essential in films, games and ads. Sound design needs to interact closely with music and visuals, to create a cohesive and unified experience. With holistic sound design, a complete audio identity and feeling can be created.

Sound design services:
  • Sound effects and soundscapes
  • Audio logos

Examples of different projects and genres.

Bodies at Rest (feature film)

Bodies At Rest (2018)

Gods of Molenbeek (documentary)

Reaktor Ventures Slush.D (marketing)

Kemira (brand music)

Silta (documentary)

Silta (2018)

Crest (PC/Mac -game)

Nex Machina (PS4-game) (marketing)

Tridify (brand music)

Hello World Open Teaser (marketing)

Hello World Open Recap (marketing)

Duel or Die (mobile game)

Tidy Tools (mobile game)

Brewdog API of Beer (documentary)

Silta (documentary)

Film Music Cues

Crossroads (short film)

Nex Machina (PS4-game)

Hello World Open 2014 OST (game event)


Game Music

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