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Tuomas Nikkinen

Helsinki Sound Factory creates music for film, TV, company brands and games. The company is run by the award-winning composer Tuomas Nikkinen.

Tuomas studied film music and orchestration at Sibelius Academy, University of Helsinki, and Berklee College of Music.

News: Tuomas receives the Prix de la Meilleure Musique Originale award, for the music of of Any Day Now (2020), at the 10th Festival International du Film Ind├ępendant de Bordeaux, France.

'Prix de la Meilleure Musique Originale' for the best original score of 'Any Day Now' (2020)

News: Tuomas receives the Best Music Tiantan Award for the music of Any Day Now (2020), at the 11th Beijing International Film Festival 2021.

Tiantan Award for 'Best Music'

Recent work: Additional music for the action thriller Omerta 6/12, directed by Aku Louhimies. The film is the largest production to date in Finland. Premiere in November 2021.

'Omerta 6/12' poster

Recent work: Music for the adventure comedy KILJUSET! (The Hullabaloos!), directed by Reetta Huhtanen. The film is a modern take on the classic books by Jalmari Finne, loved by generations. In theaters in winter 2022.

'KILJUSET!' poster

Recent work: Additional music and orchestration for the Hollywood action film The Misfits (2021). Directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger), starring Pierce Brosnan and Tim Roth.

'Misfits' poster

News: Gods of Molenbeek (Aatos ja Amine) wins the 2020 Jussi Award for Best Documentary.

Jussi-awards 2019 Jussi-awards 2019

Music and audio production.


Composing and music production. Telling your story.



Arranging, scoring and producing orchestrated music.


Sound design

Worlds of sound.



Music lets us live and feel the story being told. Here is a 3-minute example, a Pixar-style adventure animation.

Music is key element of film identity - as much as great story, acting, cinematography, and color grading. Crafting music is collaborative and creative endeavour, with the director and producer.


Score excerpt

Orchestration means arranging music for an orchestra: a full symphony orchestra or a smaller ensemble. The result is the "sound of film music" we all know.

Orchestral instruments are common in pop arrangements. Tuomas has arranged for artists like Alma, Jenni Vartiainen, Anssi Kela and Knipi. Here's a string arrangement example from the Moominvalley TV series title song, Alma's "Starlight".

What does orchestration sound like? Here is a simple 15 sec piano sketch, orchestrated to full symphony orchestra, choir and synths.

Sound design

Sound design is essential in creating emotion in films, games and branding. Expertly crafted sound design helps create a unique, memorable experience.

Composing, additional music, orchestration, instrument programming

Omerta 6/12

KILJUSET! - The Hullabaloos!

The Innocents

Vinski and the Invisibility Powder

The Misfits

Any Day Now


Gods of Molenbeek

Reaktor Ventures Slush.D


Nex Machina


Ice Opera

Any Day Now

Nex Machina

Pathless Wilds


Lupaan Olla


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